This is my first blog.



I’ve always thought starting a piece of writing was the hardest part of the process, balancing an interesting intro with an overview of what’s to come always felt like an exercise in flow of consciousness to me.


With this being my first blog that feeling was even more prominent.


And since I can’t escape it I’m embracing it, so here is my word vomit of what this will (I hope) turn into.


A style blog for young men. Specifically those who are new to the “real adult” world and are trying to somehow balance paying bills, learning how to work a real job, stay in touch with old friends, make new friends, enjoy life, figure out what they want, drink too much, sleeping at least close to a healthy amount, being a good person, being a good son grandson brother boyfriend friend, growing as a person, and not going broke with feeling confident the way they look feel and act. That definition of a style blog probably makes it clear that I think style is more than just the clothes you wear so I plan on covering (or trying to) all of it.


While my goal is broad I am by no means an expert. The whole reason I am writing on this subject is because I am living it. As a 23-year-old recent graduate, RWU class of 2011… Go Hawks!, working his first job I am also trying to learn how to balance all of the things I mentioned, and more but those were the first to come to mind, I’ve got to be honest


I fuck up







Which I’m learning is ok… as long as the fuck up isn’t ya know killing somebody or robbing a bank


But I also thinks that makes me perfect to write on the subject while also being woefully unprepared to do it. Lucky for me I’m not the first person to think this is important stuff so there are plenty of sites that touch on the same topics ( no reinventing the wheel for me, I’ve never been much the groundbreaking type) which I will link to in my posts just in case what I’m writing turns out to be completely wrong and I hope no one ever reads this, whiiiich is highly unlikely because as my friends will tell you on thing I do not lack is self-esteem. Anyways my the point I was hoping to eventually reach when I started this paragraph was that Since I am (brand) new to this kind of thing I fully expect some growing pains but I promise to improve and to go along with that I will start with the occasional editorial but will mainly be re-posting content from other sites, blogs, etc that I find the most helpful until I get a camera and some sharper writing skills so I can produce my own content.


At this point I’m pretty much dry heaving words trying to make a coherent thought so I’m going to wrap this up. I’m very excited to start this new endeavor whether I end up getting some readers or treating this as my LiveJournal 2012. Either way here it goes.




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