When thinking of title for this blog I really struggled with wanting to A) come up with something that would encompass everything I want it to be. 2) think of something semi-creative. D) possibly trick people into thinking I’m smarter than I actually am.


Thus “Genuine Simulacrum” was born


When I was thinking of what to call this I decided that I wanted to involve the idea of simulacra somehow. 

I suppose I should define what a simulacrum is because I certainly would not know if not for reading Don DeLilo’s White Noise in a writing class.


A Simulacrum is defined by Webster’s as 

: imagerepresentation <a reasonable simulacrum of reality — Martin Mayer>
: an insubstantial form or semblance of something 
As I said I was first exposed to the definition of simulacra when reading DeLilo’s White Noise (shout out to Eugenio!) and the idea behind it really grabbed me. The world of the book is composed entirely of images, All things and, ultimately, all concepts exist as image: aesthetized, free-floating, hyper-real. In a world permeated by advertising and mass media, the experience of images and the experience of “reality” become inseparable.

In the world today it’s easy to see the connection between the story and our experiences in day to day life. What really stuck with me was an exchange between two characters who make a pilgrimage to see “the world’s most photographed barn” which leads to a discussion of how it became just that. 

I thought this exchange in particular was significant to peoples everyday experience, with the ability to make just about anything available worldwide in seconds not only is there an abundance of “most’s” it is also incredibly difficult to create a completely original visual/sentence/thought
That is where the Simulacra comes from in this blog.I recognize I am merely regurgitating ideas that are already there, that are already “the most photographed barn in the world” for somebody else.
However, the intent behind what I write, repost, shoot is genuinely me. They will be my developments, my interests,and my perspective on the growth of my style.
P.S. extra points if you caught the Home Alone reference

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