I mentioned briefly in my introduction that I felt there was a difference between fashion and style. Now this is by no means a new idea, great sites like Put This On and Style Girlfriend have already spoken (much more elegantly) about the difference. But, as I said before the fact that somebody has already done this will not stop me, no matter the redundancy!

I should also mention that clarifying the difference between these two is something near and dear to my heart considering most of my friends consider getting dressed to go out putting on an over-sized button up shirt and would probably wear pleated pants with no qualms what so ever.


Simply put fashion is seasonal, determined by designers whose prices are what I would spend on a new TV, and relates exclusively to clothing and how one wears it. Style on the other hand does have to do with what you wear, but it is much further reaching and encompasses everything from grooming to how you conduct yourself.


Good manners after all, always are in style but they are never what’s going to be in fashion.


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